What is the Cost? What will the Attorney do?


We charge a contingency fee in injury cases. A contingency fee is one where the lawyer takes a certain percentage of whatever he recovers on your behalf. This means that you don’t pay anything until there is a recovery. At that point, the attorney takes a percentage of the recovery as his payment. If the lawyer cannot recover on the case, he does not get paid.


1. We deal with the insurance company

Once we take your case, we deal with the insurance company. You no longer have to leave message after message with your adjuster with no return call. We will take care of dealing with them. We deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to.

2. We watch your claim to ensure fair treatment:
Insurers keep up with changes in the law. They have staffs of attorneys that keep up with any changes, and any advantages that they can use against you. You need an attorney to help you in helping to level the field.

3. We review all insurance policies:

We make sure that you are able to collect the FULL value of your claim. We make sure that you don’t overlook any type of coverage that will help you to obtain a full recovery. If you have a certain type of insurance coverage that will help your case, your insurance company will not tip you off. You need an experienced attorney to advise you what coverages to use to make sure you receive your full benefits.

4. Evaluation of your case:

Without someone with experience evaluating your case, you will only be able to guess what it is worth. You may guess too low, and leave money on the table. You may guess too high, and cause the insurer to think you are unreasonable, and cause them to stop dealing with you. You need someone with experience to help you evaluate your case and make a demand that is backed up by reason, and one that will get you results.

5. You need someone to fight on your side:

Many people think the insurance company will just pay the claim once you make your claim. They are often rudely awakened with a nasty letter, or a nasty phone call from a not-so-friendly adjuster. Usually this adjuster acted very friendly at first, and suddenly switched gears on you without apparent reason. No, you didn’t cause this adjuster to act this way towards you. You only experienced what countless other claimants discover. The adjuster will lull you into a false sense of security, to “keep you under control”, and then once they have gathered the information they want to gather, they lower the boom on you. You need someone who knows how this game is played to fight for you so that you are not taken by surprise.

6. We refer you to a reputable body shop if needed.

We can help you find reputable body shops to repair your vehicle.

7. We can help gather total loss info for your vehicle:

Often, the insurance company will nickel and dime you on the value of your vehicle if it is totaled out. We can help you gather the information you need to get a fair value from the insurance company.

8. We can help you to locate reputable medical treatment facilities that will treat you for your injury.

Often, people cannot locate a doctor under their insurance plan that can see them for an injury claim. Usually this is due to a reason beyond the injured person’s control. If you need to see a medical doctor, we can refer you to someone who can see you and treat you for your injury.

9. We gather the information the insurer needs:

Many people who try to handle their own claim have the same complaint . . . the insurer keeps asking for additional information and keeps putting off making an offer. This is common. Sometimes it is because the injured person is not gathering the information that the insurance company really needs. Sometimes its just the insurance adjuster jerking the chain of the injured person, because they know that the injured person is inexperienced and will not know if the adjuster is telling the truth or not. You need someone who knows what the insurer needs, and knows when they are being honest when they say they need “additional information”.

10. Our experience helps with almost all matters in dealing with the injury claim:

Due to the years of experience we have, we can deal with almost any situation that occurs in dealing with an insurance company or other party who owes for an injury claim.

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